Strategy, Marketing, Brand


Enhance your image

Engage your customers

Enrich your business

Learn tools, tips, tricks, hacks, and more to increase close rates, increase sales amount per call, increase overall sales, increase prices, increase profits.

This is a free, interactive, online workshop that lasts just 60 minutes, held every other week.

During each session, we will discuss a specific topic related to either strategies to increase your business, create marketing programs that lead to increased engagement, or ways in which brand is strengthened by everything you do. After we cover the topic we will then open the floor to questions. And they don't have to be on just the topic discussed.

Bring your questions, your problems, your issues, and we will work on them during the time together. You might also get insights from those who are on the call.

We will record the sessions to allow you to review it for the next two weeks while we prepare for the next topic.

Join at anytime.

Who is this for?

For small and medium sized business owners that want work and life to be better.

What is it?

Information and discussion that doesn't use buzz words and gets right to the issues.

What will I get out of it?

Tools, techniques, tips, hacks that can be used immediately to improve your image, or better engage with your customers, or to bring more sales and/or more profits to your business.

Get Twice as Much Done With Half the Effort

There is a secret to improving your productivity and that of those around you. It is called delegating.

Delegating is vital to your success and the success of your company. It will improve your profits, increase productivity, and provide peace of mind to you and your company.

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SMB Session Dates

And Topics

  • April 20 - Marketing and Brand Differences and Connections
  • May 4 - Strategy - No success Without A Successor
  • May 18 - Strategy - Better, Faster Decision Making
  • June 1 - Brand - Actions to Improve Your Brand and Your Sales Today
  • June 15 - Strategy - Pricing - Know When to Raise 'em, Hold 'em or Fold 'em
  • June 29 - Marketing - Clarity Beats Creativity - Every Time
  • July 13 - Strategy - Preparing Yourself and Your Company for Change
  • July 27 - Strategy - Preparing Change for You and Your Company
  • August 10 - Strategy - Interview with Tracy Gardiner on Dealing With Rapid Change
  • August 24 - Strategy - Interview with Bill Spohn on Continuous Growth
  • September 7 - Strategy - Difference between Coaching and Consulting and Mentoring and When You Need Them
  • September 21 - No Broadcast
  • October 5 - Strategy - Interview with Steve Byers

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