Principles for Sustainable Success

Strategies any business owner can use to make their company a success year after year after year.

Hi I'm Mike Kim

My goal as a speaker is to equip inspire your audience with practical, actionable steps in marketing, branding, and copywriting.

Through the Principles of Sustainable Success, you learn the skills you need now to double or triple your business and help you gain control of your time, money and work, eliminate distraction, improve alignment with your goals and achieve success year after year after year.

The Principles establish within you a growth mindset along with the strategies that ensures success for you, your employees and your customers.

Principles for Sustainable Success contains my core philosophy of how to help any business multiply sales, magnify profits and better manage their business and life.

Each chapter includes examples of each Principle in action and workbook questions to help you personalize the Principles to you and your business.

Before running my own consulting business, I worked for several years as the CMO of a successful multi-million dollar company near New York City. Nowadays you'll find me traveling(a lot!), speaking at a conferences, looking for the next great place to scuba dive, and occasionally sipping a glass of Macallan 15 - all while coaching students, serving clients, and recording my podcast, The Brand You Podcast.

While I enjoy blogging and podcasting, most of my writing is done privately to my email list. The vast majority of my readers feel my email list contains my best content. You can sign for my email list contains my best content. You can sign up for my email list at and you'll even get a nice gift - a free copy of one of my paid newsletters (retail value, $97).

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My Story

I believe that every small business can have extraordinary success and sustain that for many, many years. But it takes work.

My career and success with, and for, distributors, service contractors, and with manufacturing companies using multi-level sales and marketing channels, has been built on continuous learning and a growth mindset.

I went back to university after being in the workforce for 9 years and graduating with cum laude honors. I also obtained an Executive MBA from the prestigious St. Thomas University in Minnesota. And then I earned certification for speaking, training, coaching, and DISC from the John Maxwell Team.

Before running my own business, I worked as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of a successful multi-million-dollar technology manufacturing and distributing company in Minnesota. Nowadays you’ll find me writing, speaking, and riding around the country on my Harley-–all while coaching, serving clients, and providing practical and buzzword-free learning.

All of these experiences have shaped the Principles contained my book.

One Of The Greatest Gifts You Have Is Your Potential, One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Is To Fulfill It

While society (and the hit Rascal Flatts tune) tell us "life is a highway", real life is more like off-roading. Living the life you really want requires a totlly different set of skills. No one tells you what books to read, which job to apply for, or what city to move to. You never know when the next test of life will come your way, or what it will even be about.

Worse, you don't even automatically advance a grade (or pay grade) each year. It's a different set of rules out here, and that's why we often feel so under-equipped in life. I used to drive in New York City all the time and think I'm a halfway decent driver, but you'd never catch me commandeering a Range Rover to go off-roading in the jungle. Thy don't even have traffic lights there, let alone roads Again. different rules.

If you open your favorite GPS app on your phone and set the directions from New York City to San Francisco, the like will look like a straightshot right across the country. Zoom into your starting point, and the GPS line to get out of Manhattan alone will be more crooked than your least favorite politician.

Most of us need to see the big picture in order to trust the process and keep moving forward. Without seeing the big picture, the steps in front of us seem hazy at best. No one wants to keep "throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks."

Principles for Sustainable Success

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