Sometimes small business owners get overwhelmed by their day to day activities that don't have time to step back and critically look at their business. Maybe it is that the business is experiencing high peaks and low valleys that take their toll. Maybe it is trying to figure out how to get back profits or increase profit. Or trying to figure out how to be more productive or employee productivity. Schedule a 1:1 business and marketing audit and discover 3 new insights about your business to get it moving in the right direction.

To develop, keep, and grow a successful business it requires constant attention. But sometimes owners can get stressed out, feel like they are losing control, start losing profits, believe that not everyone is engaged or are less productive than they should. The 3 Pillars Business Program looks at where you are today, discover blindspots, develop plans, programs and implementation to improve profits, increase productivity and provide peace of mind for you and your business.

8 Strategies for Sustainable Success

Based on the book Principles for Sustainable Success, we create strategies designed to you and your company that start and build a growth mindset that will deliver better sales, better profits, and a better run company.

7 Steps to Control Callback Chaos

A 7 step program that addresses Callback Chaos which is a symptom of how your company is working. Callbacks are killers of any contractor. It can kill 1) your profits 2) your time 3) your sales 4) your reputation 5) your company.

Start Here

The best way to start is to schedule a call where we can discuss the issues that are most affecting you and your company.

From there we can then work together to come up with a program that is best matched for your future success.

Leadership Development

Facilitating leadership development through experiential learning creates powerful change. Some of my leadership development topics include Leadership is Influence, Developing the Leader Within, Develop the Leaders Around You. Investing in your own leadership development is a great form of personal and professional development.

Thinking Partner Groups (Mastermind)

Matching you with other leaders and owners (not competitors) in a facilitated discussion to make each of your businesses better and stronger. Requires a commitment of meeting 2 times per month for a minimum of 3 months. Groups last at least 6 months to a year, or longer, depending on the members of the group.

Communication Assessments

Each of us is a different personality and as such we communicate differently with others of like and different personalities. Sometimes we don't recognize that the other person needs to hear information that is best able to get your message across. As a Certified John Maxwell DiSC trainer we can assess every member of your team and develop a plan to improve their ability to be more productive.

Custom Workshops, Group Facilitation

Custom workshops and retreats are designed to help groups or teams to grow in a particular area. We have a number of tools and activities to use that are practical, insightful and useful.

Public Speaking

I enjoy speaking for a wide variety of audiences. Some of my keynotes have included; 3 Pillars of Business Growth, 8 Strategies for Sustainable Success, and 7 Steps to Take Control of Callback Chaos . If you have an event and are in need of a speaker please reach out.

Principles for Sustainable Success

Through the Principles of Sustainable Success, you learn the skills you need now to double or triple your business and help you gain control of your time, money and work, eliminate distraction, improve alignment with your goals and achieve success year after year after year. The Principles establish within you a growth mindset along with the strategies that ensures success for you, your employees and your customers.

Principles for Sustainable Success is filled with 40 pages of examples and stories demonstrating the Principles in action at a variety of companies.

The book also gives you exercises that you can do on your own or with an accountability partner to quickly shift from struggling to success.

If you want to double or triple your business starting today, this book is the place to start.

It's free and it's yours.

Borrow My Brain

Take advantage of an opportunity to Borrow My Brain to discover the hidden gems within you and your company that will lead to better sales, better profits, and a company that is better managed.

My goal is to provide you with real value that you can use today and in the future. If we are able to work together - Great! Otherwise we have each expanded our networks with valuable connections.

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