Entrepreneurs hire me to improve productivity, increase profit, and provide peace of mind for Themselves And their business

Here's the Ugly Truth About Successfully Scaling Your Trades Business:

While it's terrific that your business is off and running and revenue is coming in, there are several unforeseen challenges you will face as you continue to ramp up your business:

Personnel: Adding employees will require a huge shift in your hiring, management, HR, and culture. Adding employees will change your profit margins and breakeven point. And adding employees may mean looking at new facilities.

Revenue and Profit: Reaching higher sales doesn't always mean reaping bigger profits. Crossing over to $1 million, or $5 million or $10 million in sales, really is more than just a milestone.

Personal Time: A bigger company can suck your time away from strengthening your business as well as sucking time away from your family and your community.

Leadership: It can be a real psychological barrier as well as a test of your leadership abilities.

Every business owner wants to grow, but the truth is that transitions can make you feel lost or not in control. Transitions can add pressure on you for time and money. And transitions can stress the success of the business.

And even when you make it through one milestone, you may not feel the satisfaction you deserve, or actually enjoy the profits you worked so hard to get.

You need a trusted guide to help you navigate these transitions, help you gain control of your time, money and work, and create a business that creates success for you, your employees and your customers.

I'm Frank Spevak

It all started when I realized that street smarts and luck can carry you only so far.

And that a formal education doesn't necessarily mean that you learn the lessons of running a successful business.

My success comes from my passion for lifelong learning. That lifelong learning has helped me, in company after company, to build business strategies and innovation programs to take companies to the next level. Coming up through the ranks of sales and marketing means that I understand the importance of creating a strong brand and comprehensive marketing programs to ensure success for the business and the owner.

Before running my own business, I worked as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of a successful multi-million-dollar technology manufacturing and distributing company in Minnesota. Nowadays you’ll find me writing, speaking, and riding around the country on my Harley-–all while coaching, serving clients, and providing practical and buzzword-free learning.


Running a small business is the hardest job anyone can have. I have been in companies with high purpose and culture but lacked leadership. Others that had great leadership but lacked a motivating purpose. And others that had it all working together with a positive culture, desire to grow, and quality leadership throughout.

All of it can be solved by following the 3 Pillar Business Program!

Here are the 3 Pillars to achieve success and keep your sanity -

year after year after year

Pillar 1


Pillar 2

Blind Spots

Pillar 3

Plan & Implement

Know Where You Are by developing a custom scorecard of your business both financially and operationally to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Know Who You Are by reviewing why you are in business and understand your goals and obstacles for the future

Know What You Are by evaluating your branding and marketing strategies

In-depth review of the 3 key areas of your business

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Operations
  • Legal/Finance

What processes do you have in place?

What's working?

What isn't working?

How are you delegating?

Who is reviewing on a regular basis?

Create an overall plan from the Scorecards and Process review

Create a communication plan to ensure buy-in

Create an implementation plan to ensure success





Here Are 3 Ways I Can Help You Improve Productivity, Increase Profit, and obtain Peace of Mind...


Take part in online or in person educational sessions to improve the capabilities of you and your staff.


Through indepth 1:1 and group sessions we can help you and your team tackle the issues blocking your way to sustainable success.


We can work together to look at specific parts of your business and how they can be strengthened so that you can lead a normal life.

Bill Spohn

Owner & President

TruTech Tools

"Working with Frank I found him to be creative and thoughtful about his work. He was a great listener, reliable, and truly interested in people. I absolutely recommend Frank to organizations that need advice, structure, and guidance on business and personnel topics."

Gary Upton

"Dr. Data"

Contracting Business

"Hall of Fame"

"Frank has a lifelong desire to sharing successful pointers with small businesses, pointers only large businesses had the revenues to buy. Consider including him in your business consultant search. Look into the support he is capable of sharing. I believe you will be rewarded for doing so."

Bob Dwyer

President and Trainer

Carbon Monoxide

Safety Association

"Your focus to encourage and inspire has always been a comfort and I can assure you that more than once you have helped straighten out my directional compass. I encourage others to seek out your expertise and business wisdom.​"

Principles for Sustainable Success

Through the Principles of Sustainable Success, you learn the skills you need now to double or triple your business and help you gain control of your time, money and work, eliminate distraction, improve alignment with your goals and achieve success year after year after year. The Principles establish within you a growth mindset along with the strategies that ensures success for you, your employees and your customers.

Principles for Sustainable Success is filled with 40 pages of examples and stories demonstrating the Principles in action at a variety of companies.

The book also gives you exercises that you can do on your own or with an accountability partner to quickly shift from struggling to success.

If you want to double or triple your business starting today, this book is the place to start.

It's free and it's yours.

Borrow My Brain

Take advantage of an opportunity to Borrow My Brain to discover the hidden gems within you and your company that will lead to better sales, better profits, and a company that is better managed.

My goal is to provide you with real value that you can use today and in the future. If we are able to work together - Great! Otherwise we have each expanded our networks with valuable connections.

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