3 Pillar Business Growth Program

3 Pillar Business Growth Program

Just as a builder uses a cornerstone as the starting point of a great building, the 3 Pillar Business Program starts at the foundation of your business. When the business foundation is solid, you can build a company of any size with all of the features of solid sales, predictable profits, efficient operations, and peace of mind.

If you or your business suffers from:

  • Stress
  • Lack of control
  • Low or diminishing profits
  • Lack of motivation
  • Inefficiencies
  • Frustration
  • Inconsistent sales
  • Lack of direction, no common goal
  • Your team doesn't "Get" your direction
  • You have a group of individuals, not a team
  • Your personal lack of enjoyment

Then we should talk about the 3 Pillar Business Program.

The 3 Pillar Business Program is a step by step program of online and in-person meetings that will give you:

  • Clarity for you
  • Clarity for your team
  • Improved productivity, systems, and processes
  • Increased sales
  • Predictable profits
  • Less stress
  • Stronger brand and messaging
  • Peace of mind for you and your business

Start Here

The best way to start is to schedule a call where we can discuss the issues that are most affecting you and your company.

From there we can then work together to come up with a program that is best matched for your future success.

Pillar 1 is assessment.

We will:

  • Develop a customized set of scorecards to determine where you are, what you are, and who you are.
  • Review your financials to establish a benchmark, as well as see how you compare to the industry and competitors.
  • Review your sales process and understand call and email activity and how that leads to sales, profits and efficiencies.
  • Review your vision for the company, your mission, your brand, your marketing programs and your messaging.
  • Review your existing systems and processes.

Pillar 2 is to understand your blind spots.

We will go in-depth into each of the 3 main areas of your business:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production or Service
  • Finance and Legal

There can be blind spots because you have been working the same way for some time. We will uncover hidden issues, process problems, lost profit opportunities.

Pillar 3 is to create plans and implementation strategies.

This last step will rely heavily on you. My work has proven that if the plans are not developed by you, believed in by you, and carried out by you, they will fail. I will be there to help you every step of the way, but you need to be clear on your role, the role of your team members, the vision and direction of what you want your business to be.


As every soldier knows, plans are great until you start the battle. Adjustments will need to be made. Follow-up is important to review how the plans are going, problems that have come up, more hidden issues that have surfaced. Plans are living documents and need to be updated when new information is uncovered.

The 3 Pillar Business Program is based on the principles of all successful businesses but is customized to you and your business to achieve a highly successful outcome now and for the future.

Principles for Sustainable Success

Through the Principles of Sustainable Success, you learn the skills you need now to double or triple your business and help you gain control of your time, money and work, eliminate distraction, improve alignment with your goals and achieve success year after year after year. The Principles establish within you a growth mindset along with the strategies that ensures success for you, your employees and your customers.

Principles for Sustainable Success is filled with 40 pages of examples and stories demonstrating the Principles in action at a variety of companies.

The book also gives you exercises that you can do on your own or with an accountability partner to quickly shift from struggling to success.

If you want to double or triple your business starting today, this book is the place to start.

It's free and it's yours.

Borrow My Brain

Take advantage of an opportunity to Borrow My Brain to discover the hidden gems within you and your company that will lead to better sales, better profits, and a company that is better managed.

My goal is to provide you with real value that you can use today and in the future. If we are able to work together - Great! Otherwise we have each expanded our networks with valuable connections.

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